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Professional film/TV production crew member, based in Toronto. 


Here are some pictures from work, set ups I've done, and the fun times I had with my crew friends. 

Click on the image to see it as a slideshow and its description!

Camera Dept

Just Friends Again
Camera test
Just Friends Again
Fight or Flight
Steadicam testing
The Bestest Day Ever
Checking the frame

G&E Dept

Crew photo!
Car Rigging
Light Rigging
Light Rigging
Best Electric
Light on ice!
Electric Team!
Light Rigging
Crew photo
Safety tying
Lighting an interview!
Big Diffusion Box for the entire scene!
Lighting an interview!
Setting up a flag
Green Screen set up
Blacking out the third floor!
Setting up a frame
Dolly Gripping
Equipment Pick-up
Adjusting the light
making a light box above
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